28 July 2017


Getting married??

Need to learn that very first dance??

Let us take the lead and teach you your own individually designed routine!!




Wedding Dance Packages


You choose the music, you choose the style!!

Our highly experienced Wedding Dance Instructors will assist you with those decisions all the way!! 

We have different levels of Wedding Package for you to choose from to suit your needs!!


Each Wedding Package includes:

1.  A Free Consultation

2.  Music Advice and Recommendation (if req)

3.  A Highly Experienced Dance Instructor

4.  A dance routine uniquely designed to suit you and your music choice

5.  Structured Lessons (as per your chosen package) for you to learn your First Dance


Bronze Package


6 half hour lessons

Silver Package


9 half hour lessons

Gold Package


12 half hour lessons



Group Lessons!

If you would like the whole/or part of the Wedding Party to take part in the lessons, either just to learn to dance for the day, or to learn a specific dance to surprise guests with, then we can help you with this!!  You can either pick a theme (e.g. Dirty Dancing or Beyonce, we have even had a request for Pulp Fiction in the past)or pick a type of dance (e.g. Waltz or Salsa) and we will take it from there!!

If this is something you are interested in, please call us to discuss your options!!

Group Wedding Lessons are charged at £3.50 per person, per half hour; with a minimum charge of £17.00 per half hour!!    


Photograph Gallery and Testimonials


The Lessons are booked individually according to yours and your teachers availability!

Extra Lessons can be arranged at a cost of £17.00 per half hour!!


Your Chosen Package is payable in full at the Consultation!!

Cancellation Policy Applies!!

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required or the lesson is chargeable in full!!



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