28 July 2017

Competitive training


Competitive Freestyle Dancing.

Competitive freestyle dancing is a combination of flexibility, stamina, and poise.

This hobby requires dedication and hard work from all who take part. If you have the competitive edge, then freestyle dance could be your answer.

We, as a school/club travel around the country competing against other schools/clubs.

Competing in freestyle dance is a great confidence builder for the children taking part, and a great social life for mums and dads who support their children in this style of dance.

Ballroom & Latin American Competitive Dancing

Great for combining the development of dance, flexibility, control and poise skills, with personal development, growth and confidence, our team of dedicated Ballroom & Latin American competitors cross the length and breadth of the country and even the world competing in high class competitive events!!

You need to be dedicated and commited to improvement with Ballroom & Latin Dancing as your hobby, with a commitment to a partner required!! 

A great social sport, life long friends will be made from many walks of life, for both the competitors and parents, families and friends!!

How do I start?

If you would like to enquire about any of the above styles for Competitive Dancing, please call 01942 882718 and ask for Donna or Joanne!!

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