28 July 2017



What fitness classes do we run...

HIIT Workouts                Zumba                  Pilates                 Ballet


HIIT Workouts

High Intensity Interval Training, a fabulous full body workout, carried out in short bursts of high intensity exercises!  Suitable for all ages, you can discuss your fitness level with the instructor for advice on how to start your training!  Nutritional advice also available!


A great Dance Fitness class, lively and fun, which is great for all levels of fitness.  All the dance moves can be danced at different levels of intensity so you can start smaller and build up as your fitness level increases!  Suitable for all ages and fitness levels!


A calm and relaxing, yet great strengthening and toning workout, using Pilates postures and movements.  Our experienced instructor will lead you through the various postures to achieve a great all round workout.  As this class involved a lot of floor work, please bring your own floor mat!


Our new Adult Ballet class takes your through the various ballet moves, training and postures and is an excellent and different way to exercise!   

Classes Timetable

Terms of the Monthly Discount Scheme


If you want to come along to have a look, just pop in during one of our sessions!!  The instructor will be happy to answer your questions at the end of the class!!




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